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At NFC we focus on guiding athletes and active individuals like you recover from injury and improve their performance by helping them beyond pain.


We do this through the combination of elite sports focused chiropractic care and strength training rehabilitation to secure the best results possible.


So, if you are sick of not getting anywhere, struggling with pain, underperforming or having trouble with poor movement - you have come to the right place.

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Common conditions we see

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Back pain fremantle chiropractor

Back Pain

Disc injuries Fremantle chiropractor

Disc Injuries

dizziness North Fremantle chiropractor


headache and migraine Fremantle chiropractor


neck pain Fremantle chiropractor

Neck Pain

Pregnant women Fremantle chiropractor


shoulder pain Fremantle chiropractor

Shoulder Pain

Sports injuries Fremantle chiropractor

Sports injuries

Meet your chiropractors

Get to know your chirorpactors before you arrive at
North Fremantle Chiropractic

Nathan Bridger

Nathan Bridger

Chiropractor and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dr Nathan has a particular focus on strength sports such as Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman and CrossFit. Having competed in all the above sports (apart from bodybuilding) and taken care of elite level athletes in all the above sports and many more, he has a unique perspective in combing sports chiropractic with athletic performance

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Sheena Lee

Sheena Lee


Dr Sheena Lee is a family and sports focused chiropractor. Her philosophy is that healthcare should empower you to be the best version of yourself. Being active throughout highschool in track and field, competitive powerlifting, scuba diving and more made her realise the potential of the human body and what it can do when performing the way it was meant to. But after struggling through low back, knee and shoulder injuries she found chiropractic and the results she received not just in getting out of pain but being able to return to performing at her maximum pushed her towards pursuing chiropractic to empower other people and helping them beyond pain.

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Cale Woolley

Cale Woolley


Dr. Cale, is a dedicated chiropractor at North Fremantle Chiropractic. With a focus on sports and family care, he combine manual chiropractic adjustments and exercise rehabilitation to achieve amazing results for patients. Cale Graduated from Murdoch University in 2018, and has made Western Australia home after growing up on the beaches of the Sunshine Coast. Beyond chiropractic, he leads an active lifestyle, riding the waves, playing guitar, singing in a choir, and capturing moments through photography. At North Fremantle Chiropractic, he’s excited to support you whether you need relief from sports injuries or want to enhance your family's well-being, his compassionate and knowledgeable approach will guide you towards recovery and vitality.

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Chiropractic care with a difference

Our ethos at NFC is taking YOU beyond pain

Of course, getting you out of pain is step 1 but what we focus on is what happens after. At NFC we want to work with you beyond pain, proactively in order to create a better more resilient you. 

It is our belief that this is where you get the true results. Results that are long term and grow exponentially, that allow you not to just do the things you love but excel at them.

We do this by focusing on manual hands on care to the whole body. This combined with ongoing education and rehabilitation/training programs helps you achieve amazing results.  Request a $94 NFC Chiro Report + Treatment Offer (Usually $225) below. 


Live a pain-free life with chiropractic care

We are here to help you heal naturally. Chiropractic uses best evidence to help you restore your health.  Request a $94 NFC Chiro Report + Treatment Offer (Usually $225) below. 

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What to expect with us

Here at NFC, we offer quality care in a family friendly environment. Here is what to expect in our practice.

We listen

In order to best help you, it is important for us to listen to how this problem has been affecting you, as well as your goals. In this stage we take a thorough clinical history including your diet, lifestyle, and stress. Our number 1 goal for this stage is to make sure you feel heard and understood. 


Our comprehensive examination process includes neurological, orthopaedic and musculoskeletal tests all designed to establish an accurate diagnosis. You may need to be referred for x-rays or additional tests at this stage. 

Personalised Treatment

Once we have formulated an accurate diagnosis, we will then create a tailored treatment plan designed specifically to help you achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Everything will be discussed with you so there are no surprises. 


Our team will take a holistic approach to helping you heal. On top of our chiropractic adjustments, you will also be given rehabilitative exercises, lifestyle and ergonomic advice, plus tools to manage stress. Preventing future issues is 


We know you might have some questions before your first visit. Check out the most frequently asked questions from our previous patients or questions we hear the most below. If you still have questions before your first visit feel free to call the team today!

Get back doing what you love

We are here to help you get back to doing what you love 
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