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Getting back to your best has never been easier.

At NFC we focus on helping athletes and active individuals recover from injury and improve their performance by getting them beyond pain.

We do this through the combination of elite sports chiropractic care and strength training rehabilitation to secure the best results possible.

So, if you are sick of not getting anywhere, struggling with pain, underperforming or having trouble with poor movement - you have come to the right place.

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Conditions we help with

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Our ethos at NFC is taking YOU beyond pain.

Of course, getting you out of pain is step 1 but what we focus on is what happens after. At NFC we want to work with you beyond pain, proactively in order to create a better more resilient you.

It is our belief that this is where you get the true results. Results that are long term and grow exponentially, that allow you not to just do the things you love but excel at them.

We do this by focusing on manual hands on care to the whole body. This combined with ongoing education and rehabilitation/training programs helps you achieve amazing results.

Go Beyond Pain
Dr Nathan Bridger, Chiropractor Fremantle, Crossfit

Dr Nathan Bridger

Strength and Conditioning Coach

Dr. Nathan Bridger is a Sports and Family Chiropractor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Speaker, Health Educator and Beard Enthusiast. He has spoken to groups of people all over the world and regularly speaks around Australia to people wanting to get healthier, improve their performance, and to other health practitioners wanting to improve the outcomes of their clients.

Dr Nathan has a particular interest in strength sports such as Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman and CrossFit. Having competed in all the above sports (apart from bodybuilding) and taken care of elite level athletes in all the above sports and many more, he has a unique perspective in combing sports chiropractic with athletic performance.

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How much longer are you going to spend living in pain?

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What to expect with your Fremantle Chiropractor

North Fremantle Chiropractic, Fremantle Chiropractor

1 - We listen

We start the process of getting you beyond pain by listening and making sure you feel understood. We want to have a clear understanding of your clinical history and goals before moving forward.

North Fremantle Chiropractic, Fremantle Chiropractor

2 - Find the cause

Next we need to figure out what’s going on. Beyond simply where it hurts, we need to decipher why it hurts. This way we can focus on making sure problems go and do not return. We are able to do this through thorough physical examination, the HumanTrak movement analysis system and referral for further testing (x-ray, MRI) if required.

North Fremantle Chiropractic, Fremantle Chiropractor

3 - Explain

Here we will take you through your results and explain what is happening with your body and more importantly, what we need to do to help it.

North Fremantle Chiropractic, Fremantle Chiropractor

4 - Results

This is what it’s all about. Together we will set a plan that will get you the greatest results in the shortest time. We take a holistic approach to ensure that all bases are covered.

North Fremantle Chiropractic, Fremantle Chiropractor

5 - Proactive and Performance Care

The goal is always to get you BEYOND PAIN, so once your body is feeling awesome, we focus on keeping you there. Technique correction and lifestyle specific advice is also a main priority to us. This allows you to function at your very best!

Are you ready to go beyond pain?

Dr Nathan will be there with you on your health journey.

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