Nathan Bridger

Chiropractor and Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dr. Nathan Bridger is a Sports focused and Family Chiropractor, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Speaker, Health Educator and Beard Enthusiast. He has spoken to groups of people all over the world and regularly speaks around Australia to people wanting to get healthier, improve their performance, and to other health practitioners wanting to improve the outcomes of their clients. Dr Nathan has a particular interest in strength sports such as Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Strongman and CrossFit. Having competed in all the above sports (apart from bodybuilding) and taken care of elite level athletes in all the above sports and many more, he has a unique perspective in combing sports chiropractic with athletic performance. He came to Chiropractic as a teenager after suffering significant injuries playing Rugby Union to his spine and shoulders. The results he received through care is what lead him to study Chiropractic at Murdoch University, graduating in 2013 with distinction. Whilst at university, Nathan had the privilege of attending the Hands On India trip where he was part of a team providing complimentary care in rural north west India to the under-privileged locals. After graduation, Dr Nathan worked briefly in the north of Perth before seizing an opportunity to run a Chiropractic office in Lima Peru (yes, he now speaks Spanish… poorly) where he spent almost two years. He returned to Australia working in Melbourne before finally settling in Geelong where he became the ‘go to’ sports chiropractor for the region. Nathan returned to North Fremantle where he grew up in February 2020 to open North Fremantle Chiropractic (NFC). In his spare time, you will find him with family and friends or more likely in the gym.

Ryan Meyer


Dr Ryan Meyer is a Chiropractor with a particular focus on team sports and wellness. Ryan’s philosophy is that health care should be fun and that a proactive approach to health leads to the best results in all aspects of life. Ryan grew up in the South West where playing sports, beach and Chiropractic was a huge part of his life. His exposure to Chiropractic care began at the age of 5 and not only did this help him become successful during his sporting career but was also a major factor in his overall health and lifestyle. This is what led him to study Chiropractic, graduating from Murdoch University with distinction. During his studies Ryan was lucky enough to be a part of a team who provided care in Tom Price and surrounding areas to rural and Indigenous Australians. Since graduating Dr Ryan has practised in several areas of Western Australia including the South West Region (Bunbury, Busselton and Margaret River) and the Pilbara (Port Hedland and Karratha). Ryan’s love for the beach has brought him back to Perth and he wants to use his experience and knowledge to get the best results for his patients. In his spare time Ryan plays soccer and spends time with his partner Mads who is also a chiropractor and their two Australian shepherds.

Gypsy-Rose Swain

Practice Manager and Chiropractic Assistant

Gypsy-Rose Swain is the Practice Manager and Chiropractic Assistant at North Fremantle Chiropractic. She is a mother to a beautiful baby girl Poppy, and has returned home to North Fremantle after living in Geelong Victoria for the past 2 years. Prior to NFC, Gypsy was working in Human Resources within the health care and retail industry. Gypsy is a strong believer in Chiropractic care, receiving frequent adjustments for both her and her daughter, as well as receiving care throughout her pregnancy. Outside of the clinic you will find Gypsy with her friends and family enjoying a rosé in the sun.

Michele Goncalves

Chiropractic Assistant

Michele is the warm voice at the other end of the phone line or the smiling face behind the desk at North Fremantle Chiropractic. She loves to meet people, have a chat, travel, cook up a storm & enjoy keeping the traditions of a European background alive⁣. ⁣ Michele shares her adventures with partner Marcus and a combined 3 kids enjoying the neighbouring area of Coogee, boating and living a carefree lifestyle.⁣ ⁣ After 25 years in the event industry it was time for a change! Joining the team at North Fremantle Chiropractic has given her a new work path and she loves meeting all our NFC family.

Tully Lane

Chiropractic Assistant

Tully grew up in Denmark, 4.5 hours south of Perth. Graduating high school in 2017, Tully took off travelling around Australia in a caravan with her boyfriend Corey, before relocating to the Fremantle area to study at uni. After 2 years of studying Exercise and Sport Science at Notre Dame, Tully made the switch to study Chiropractic at Murdoch in 2021. This switch led Tully wanting to get her foot in the door as a chiropractic student and found a perfect fit within NFC as a chiropractic assistant. As Tully has a history of chiropractors in the family, she is a strong believer in chiropractic care and has received regular adjustments since she was just weeks old.

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